Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prom Comfort

I have to admit that photographing proms is my comfort zone. Get me to a teen dance and I'm a happy photographer. I love the drama of prom; the highs and lows, the colors, the emotions and the hormones. I also love learning all the new dance moves that the kids are doing these days. One of the reasons I like photographing the teen demographic is at that age they haven't put up the barriers that most adults have settled behind. They are more open and honest. This is especially true for the current generation of teenagers, much more so then when I was in high school in the 1990s. They are so out there already on the internet, sharing every single emotion and self-portrait with the world, that one newspaper photographer following them around doesn't seem to faze them at all.

Here's a sampling of my favorites from this year's Mojave and Chaparral High School proms. Included in the documentary work is a set of black and portraits I did this year at Chaparral prom that were definitely inspired by Mary Ellen Mark's amazing Polaroid 20×24 Land Camera prom portraits.

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