Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feet and Signs

Once again, I go to an assignment trying to do a good job as a photojournalist and take a decent photo for the newspaper of people making signs for tomorrow's rally with President Obama...and my favorite photos are of feet. Sigh.

The Best Beer Model

I just want to thank Jack Belden at the Freakin' Frog for being the most awesome beer model ever! He's such a natural.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Horses, But No Reining

I had no idea what horse reining was until I went to photograph the High Roller Reining Classic at the South Point Equestrian Center September 12-18, 2010. The National Reining Horse Association defines it as a judged event designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch type horse within the confines of a show arena, running patterns which include small slow circles, large fast circles, flying lead changes, roll backs over the hocks, 360 degree spins done in place, and sliding stops. It all sounds very exciting. I didn’t end up photographing any of the actual competition though. I was struck by the horses, their beauty, and the trainers and riders relationships to the animals inside the stalls and the indoor practice arena. So, for those curious to see actual reining competition photos, you won’t see them here...just pictures of horses standing around.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Wilds

I've been to a lot of Renaissance Fairs in my day, and I'm usually not attracted to the Ren Fair lifestyle...until I met these guys. They called their camp The Wilds. Looking like some sort of crazy indigenous tribe-like mixture of medieval and post-apocalyptic, they mocked and cackled at passerby. It was awesome. This tribe made me want to run away to the forest and drink mead all day, pulling various pranks and being generally mischievous with my life.

Here is a link to more photos from Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival at Sunset Park. These photos may include: pirates, fairies, scary animal head man playing drums, and a camel.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Near-Disaster with Extra Gaga

I'm very excited about my first Las Vegas Magazine cover. But, this was the photo shoot from hell and I must share this experience. Two lights out of five broke, then another wouldn't sync. Imagine five celebrity impersonators (Michael Jackson, Elvis, Lady Gaga, and two country singers I couldn't identify from the American Superstars cast), one makeup artist, one art director, two graphic designers, at least two PR people and another few Stratosphere execs stuffed into a studio while you're shooting... the main light won't fire four times out of ten and you have to pretend you aren't sweating through your shirt! A near disaster turned into a pretty good learning experience and, I think, a very nice looking cover shot. Many props to art director Erik Stein for making this look so snazzy and professional.

Meet the newest member of the American Superstars cast: Lady Gaga.