Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lonely Favorites

Earlier this month, I took a five day trip to document and explore Highway 50 in Nevada to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its designation as "America's Loneliest Road." I took 4,919 photos in those five days. The edited photos were all divided into galleries to go with specific stories by the talented J. Patrick Coolican, which can all be viewed on the Highway 50 topic page on the Las Vegas Sun website. I, however, really wanted the chance to put together all my favorites from the trip, regardless of topic, into one place. I got it down to 39 favs, which is pretty good considering I started with 4,919 photos. They include such standards as the Nevada "long road shot," the requisite row of mailboxes, starscapes, shoe piles, big mac pinatas, fruit markets, ancient trees, rushing creeks, sad children, happy children, men with canes, coal trains, desert dunes, hitchhikers, glowing crosses, sunrise, sunset and, of course, big game trophies in the grocery store. So here are my lonely, and not so lonely, favorites from Highway 50.

Party Pits

What are party pits, you ask? They are sexy casinos within casinos, of course! With sexy dealers and sexy dancers and....that's about it. Party Pits!! Here's the Hell's Belles Party Pit at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the self-proclaimed first party pit in town. Read more about party pits and see more party pits pics here.

The Muhammad Brothers

It was nice to get back to shooting some prep sports practice, something I often enjoy more than games. These photos were for separate profiles of local brothers Shabazz and Rashad Muhammad. Older bro Shabazz has been ranked the No. 1 basketball player recruit in the entire country in his class of 2012 by His little brother Rashad is no slouch either. All I know is that both brothers are sweet and courteous teens who didn't mind being dragged outside into the 100+ degree heat for some golden light portraits by an annoying newspaper photographer.