Monday, December 19, 2011

Ballet Behind the Scenes

Having photographed Nevada Ballet Theatre's production of "The Nutcracker" many times before, I decided to take a different approach this year. After the first act and the photos of Holly Madison, who did a guest cameo, were out of the way, I wandered backstage for the rest of the opening matinee production. As I wrote in the copy block for today's photo page in the Sun, the controlled chaos backstage at the ballet is a photographer's dream. Cute kids and ballerinas backstage, how can you go wrong with that?


  1. OH CRAP! Does that sound like a former MontCo Photo Teacher? I have loved your work since Lisa T (a brilliant young lady)told me to pay attention. You have my attention! I think you are wonderful! I want you to keep the fantastic images coming.....I want you to keep developing.....I absolutely, positively, with great assurance your work. Please keep me on the email list!

  2. and God....publishing this wasn't easy!