Monday, October 3, 2011

Strip Sobbing

Why was this woman weeping while walking down The Strip today? I was stationed in front of the Venetian after shooting G2E setup inside the Sands Convention Center this morn, waiting for the rain clouds to drop their fury upon the Monday tourist masses, when it started to pour. The streets quickly emptied as people dashed through the closest casino doors. I was waiting to get pictures of the brave souls soldiering up the boulevard when this sad woman in purple came down the road, looking slightly upset and limping. Then suddenly, the purple lady just started sobbing. It was very strange, but I kept taking pictures. I stopped her as she passed me to ask if she was OK. She said, "I'm fine," gave me a weak smile and wouldn't give her name. What happened to her? Did her boyfriend just leave her? Did the rain bring to light some past emotional trauma? Was she upset that it was raining and she didn't have an umbrella? We'll never know. All I know is that the emotional highs and lows of the Strip are quite something to observe.

Here's more rain pics, including the one of her that I submitted for publication. I thought it would be a little strange to have a photo of someone sobbing as a rain feature.

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