Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Near-Disaster with Extra Gaga

I'm very excited about my first Las Vegas Magazine cover. But, this was the photo shoot from hell and I must share this experience. Two lights out of five broke, then another wouldn't sync. Imagine five celebrity impersonators (Michael Jackson, Elvis, Lady Gaga, and two country singers I couldn't identify from the American Superstars cast), one makeup artist, one art director, two graphic designers, at least two PR people and another few Stratosphere execs stuffed into a studio while you're shooting... the main light won't fire four times out of ten and you have to pretend you aren't sweating through your shirt! A near disaster turned into a pretty good learning experience and, I think, a very nice looking cover shot. Many props to art director Erik Stein for making this look so snazzy and professional.

Meet the newest member of the American Superstars cast: Lady Gaga.

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  1. Leila is amazingly talented photographer. While juggling faulty equipment, a pressurized atmosphere of expectation, and 5 talent impersonators. (The country singers are Carrie Underwood and Charlie Daniels) She managed to pull off one off of the best shooting experiences i've had the pleasure to work on this year.

    I guess that if necessity is the mother of invention, then near-disaster is Leila's call to spontaneous excellence.

    Many kudos to Leila, a photographer worth knowing and watching. I can't wait to see what she does next.

    - Erik